Vero 2 Problem

Hi Sam,

I installed the new kernel. On reboot after the 60 second powered down, it went into the sad face loop again at which point I captured the log, before crashing (as per previous video)
At what point are you asking if it is responding to SSH? On the sad face loop it is responsive some of the time. Once it crashes as per the video, it will not respond to any inputs.

Hi Chris,

Apologies for the delay in my reply. Thanks for trying out our suggestions so far, I do appreciate this is quite annoying.

If I understand correctly, if Kodi is stopped (sudo systemctl stop mediacenter), then the device remains responsive for a significant period of time, including SSH connectivity, and that the device has issues when running Kodi.

If you can plug the device in to another display to test, that is another thing that we can rule out. It may also be the power supply. If you have another 2A 5V PSU at hand you can give that a go and see if it makes a difference.

I have another customer who is experiencing this issue and he has posted the device back, so I should get it soon. I’ll test the device and peripherals (PSU etc) and see if I can find out what’s going wrong. This may give us a clue as to what is wrong with your device as well.



Hi Sam,

I understand that you guys are getting swamped at the moment. I truly hope that we can identify the issue without having to replace the unit and I can wait a little longer for you to analyse the other returned unit (considering how long it would take for mine to get back to the UK).

The device is responsive when Kodi is stopped using sudo systemctl stop mediacenter including SSH connectivity. Note that this is only the case when I am going from a cold start. Normally I cannot run the ssh commands after the unit has started the sad face loop. It is only when Kodi is running that I have seen the reported screen distortion. When kodi is stopped, is the unit under any significant load?

I have been watching this other thread and many of the reported issues are very similar though mine was doing it out of the box. Remote not responding when connected to my TV - #4 by Guy

I’ll purchase a new PSU on the weekend and give it a go.

Hi Chris

Yes – I can understand the frustration in shipping back a unit to us and waiting for us to send it back to you.

When Kodi is stopped, the device is not under significant load, which could mean that the device is only encountering a problem under some power draw.


Hi Sam,

As an update, I purchased a new 5V 2A power supply and there has been no change in the devices performance. The sad face loop followed by screen distortion continued exactly as it did prior to the change in power supply.

Any luck with the other customers that you were testing?



@DBMandrake can now replicate this issue so we are working on a likely cause

What skin are you using?