Vero 2 purchase support

Dear friends,

I bought a Vero 2 a couple of weeks (25 Nov) through Order #3598 and I haven’t received yet. I contacted the local transporter in spain (Correos) and they replied they had no information about the item and suggested me to contact you.

Can you please investigate what could be the problem?

I am sorry if this is not the right place for this kind of support, I have search through the store but I couldn’t find how to contact purchasing support.

Best regards.


I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received the Vero 2. I can confirm your item was dispatched on 28th November and collected in our usual dispatch. Unfortunately we had some problems with our international shipments sent from 21st November to 28th November.

In the run up to Christmas, Royal Mail split International yorks to EU and ROW. Under high volumes of mail, they start to only scan items sent to the SD locker. Our items were put on the mainland (domestic) york, and as such we had no tracking information for several days until the items were resorted and sent to the destination country and scanned by the international mail partners.

It appears that the item entered Spain on 2nd December, but there were delays in sorting. I suspect Correos is very busy this time of the year.

I have checked our internal tracking and it looks like you will receive the item today.

I can’t really discuss this any further (i.e. give tracking details here), as this is an open forum. You would have more luck contacting instead.

I hope you enjoy your new Vero 2.


Thanks Sam,

I should have check again the tracking before posting :slight_smile: I guess I did not expect any news after yesterday correos’ mail claiming they had no information…

I am sure there would be no problem now.

Merry Xmas!

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any issues with the delivery and I can investigate further for you.



I just received my shinny Vero 2!! Such is life.


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Felices Navidades!