Vero 2 Retroplayer / Emulator Support Upload

I believe that Retroplayer and Moonlight/Luna is coming to Kodi soon in v17 (or shortly after). Given the Vero2 specs compared to the Pi 3, this is something I am very excited to try out, particularly with n64 games + Bluetooth controllers like the 8bitdo.

It would be VERY nice to have a community upload feature for controller configuration and game settings.

Lets see… Vero2 vs Pi3
4x1.6 Cortex-A5 VS 4×1.2 Cortex-A53
Mali 450 GPU VS Broadcom VideoCore IV

RetroPlayer is postponed until Kodi 18, but I will make some test builds for high performance platforms, including Vero 2, in the near future

Sweet! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi. Any news on this? Don’t want to stress, just curious :slight_smile:
loving my new vero so far. keep up the good work.

ps: i found this old thread: Retro gaming in the Vero? but was not able find the mentioned thread. after searching the forum for a bit i found no solution to install retroplayer on the vero 2. do i just have bad search skills or is it not possible atm?


After v17, RetroPlayer is expected to be merged. This would then be a good time to start building RetroPlayer builds for OSMC.



Looks like they are chipping away at it… Not ready for prime yet.

Yep. I’m keeping an eye on it. It is technically possible to offer a build now, but it would be outdated quickly and I unfortunately don’t have the time to track the changes very frequently.