Vero 2 Screen Mirroring (Android)

Just a question, not a issue. I saw that the new Vero 2 will support Android screen mirroring once the android build is available. What kind of mirroring will be supported? MiraCast? Chromecast? Chromecast screen/Audio sharing? And will it support HDCP? I ask because I have mostly Samsung galaxy devices, and Samsung in there Annoying infinite wisdom has enabled HDCP for Screen Sharing, so a lot of solutions (Roku, Air Server for Windows, etc.) out there that support “Android Screen Mirroring” won’t support Samsung devices due to the lack of HDCP Support.

I’ve been using OSMC since the early days of RaspBMC, and appreciate all the work you are doing!



MiraCast will work. I am not sure if the latest Samsung Galaxy does this, I’ve lost track, but it seems to work OK from a Nexus.


The latest Galaxy does still support Miracast, but the data is HDCP encrypted. Does is it support HDCP decryption?

I just installed my Vero 2 which I bought on april first.

My main purpose would be screen sharing in a presentation room.
I have a Oneplus one and also a Sony Xperia smartphone.

Both of it are DLNA screen sharing capable,
and also tried on two different TVs and works (Samsung, sony).

Now with Vero 2 board (installed latest update, version now is: OSMC April 2016 2016.04-2)
I can not find any settings regarding Miracast. I can not enable it anywhere,
and neither of the two above mentioned phone sees it.

Is there a manual somehere?


Hi Laszlo

The Miracast software will be available via Android which will be installable on an SD card shortly. We will announce on the blog when this is ready.



Thank you for the info.
I’m still figuring out how to stream from a linux computer (ubuntu laptop).
Seems like only audio is possible via Miracast:-(

I believe you may also be able to use VLC

It really depends what you want to stream. If it is video or anything else that VLC can play you can use VLC as Sam indicated

I think VLC can also capture and stream the desktop.