Vero 2 setup

Couple of quick questions about setting up an extra Vero 2 device I got from my brother, who upgraded to Vero 4K:

  1. What are the power specs? If I already have a power line set up which I used for my 1st gen Vero, can I just use that or is it different?
  2. How do I go about setting it up in terms of “clean installing” it? the qt_host installer? do I have to use an SD card, or is a network/USB drive option available?


Yes that’s fine.

A micro SD card is needed to re-image Vero 2. Just run the installer.


Thanks Sam.
About the second part, sorry for the noob question but - unlike the Vero where there’s a micro SD slot under the HDMI connector, I found no such slot on the Vero 2. What am I missing here?

Sorry; meant full sized card


So use the installer on a fresh, full sized card, then plug it in to the vero 2 and power it up?


So took me a couple days to pick up a new card.
And now this:

What’s next?
Sorry for the repeated questions.

A restart seems to have fixed it.
The SD card though now shows a limited capacity , even after formatting. Is there a way to “factory format” it?

Google search for sdformatter app. Make sure you use the size adjustment option.