Vero 2, some things not working after February update

is there a way to downgrade? after february update i can not properly play almost any video on my vero2.

  • some video files do not play at all
  • some video files play with incorrect speed or are skipping frames
  • video-streamin plugins don’t work at all (, … )
  • also screen becomes completely black for a few seconds after video is started (IF it even starts). looks quite unprofessional to me.

on the other hand: on my raspberry pi everything works fine.

can anybody help with downgrading?
cheers b.

Don’t downgrade. You can try the clock improvements which should resolve your issue

Alternatively wait a day or so, I am waiting for a possible improvement to addon performance and then I will release a hotfix for all platforms

Black screen can be resolved by disabling Adjist Refresh Rate. It just means your display is slow to switch video modes

thanks, everythings seems to be fine again after todays update.


Glad to hear this. Thank you for your patience.