Vero 2 The Good The Bad

Sam & Co have, overall, hit a home run with the Vero 2 (update v2016.04.01).

The Good:

The interface is FAST. I have our large video collection setup by the Icon Matrix view and can QUICKLY scroll top to bottom. After I pause the icons come almost immediately up :slight_smile:

Are the Videos upscaled? Playback is buttery smooth and DVD.ISO files look as good as the same movie blu-ray’s on our temporary blu-ray player and a 1080p Samsung TV.

To reiterate… playback is BUTTERY smooth and crystal friggin clear! Neither the Pi2 nor the Vero1 looked like this! What did the crew tweak? This is SO fantastic that I am considering replacing our other Pi’s with these

Our (legal) add-ons all work

Unlike the Vero1, some of the DVD.ISO files with menus work (still waiting for the love here on V1)

Unlike the Vero1, WiFi works well :wink: No external antenna mods required

The Bad:

Unlike the Pi (any of them), some DVD.ISO files with menus still do not work :frowning:

Still working on that Android image? Looking forward to using this for Netflix and Amazon Video Prime. Will we have a dedicated button option other than ‘exit osmc’ Basically a ‘Enter Android’ menu button. The same goes for Returning to OSMC.

CEC works… but on both of my Samsung TVs I need to first go to HDMI… then wait awhile… then select ‘Player’ If I select ‘MBOX’ then it fails and I need to restart the TV. On all other OSMC devices all I need to do is select Kodi/OSMC and CEC hooks right in.

Speaking of CEC… what happened to the channel forward button as a skip ahead feature? This is not working.

The PSU cable is SHORT. A barrel cable extension would be a much appreciated option.

The WiFi issues in the original Vero were driver related, and were resolved in an OSMC update in the Summer. @DBMandrake was recently testing his original Vero and was getting speeds of 30Mbps down, which is pretty good for 2.4Ghz 802.11n.

Yes – we are working on fixing a few small bugs in OSMC first.

Whatever people want. Either an option on the Kodi menu, or an option to hold a key on the OSMC remote when Vero is booting to signal that you want to switch OS.

The current CEC implementation is done completely in kernel space. In the very near future, I will get libCEC working so you will have the same familiar way of configuring CEC (via Peripherals -> Input in Kodi) as you do on Pi and Vero 1.

Unfortunately the power supplies we originally manufactured were not up to spec. Power supplies usually can have as high as a 16 week lead time, so to avoid delays due to the upcoming Chinese New Year and get the devices out to customers promptly, we had to purchase individual adapters for each destination (rather than a switchable one), and we had to deal with a shorter PSU cable than we would have ideally wanted.

Please let me know the title of a disc that isn’t working and I’ll see if I can get it and replicate the issue here.



Do you upscale 480 to 1080 during movie playback on the V2? I would LOVE to hear more about why the video looks so great!

Your crew really needs to know, this is an awesome device!

Antenna Mod → I missed the updated involving the Vero1 Antenna being a Driver related issue. Probably because it was solved via the external mod :). I think my tall and proud external antenna just sagged a wee bit upon hearing the news. I will say that the external antenna mod was an enjoyable exercise! 30 Mbps is plenty for most everything :wink:

Android → Take all the time you need to smooth out OSMC :slight_smile:

Switch between OS → Please allow a Kodi menu button as an option… While the included remote is nice, it is also unused. We utilize a universal remote/CEC for everything (Did I mention Amazon Fire drives me nuts). If we need to hold a button while Vero is booting… it will not pass WAF.

CEC → mostly trouble free on Vero1 and misc Pis. V2 I find not only is the initial connection a tad slower, it tends to have lesser functionality. Gladdy looking forward to heading back to libCEC. Missing the ability to skip ahead.

Power Supply Cable → Understood! I have no issue with the PSU itself, just makes it difficult to setup in our stack and at the moment the Vero2 is actually in a VERY temporary orientation. Can you point me to the Inner Diameter/Outer Diameter specifications as I want to source a barrel extension cable.

DVD.ISO → First, I own all of these disks (they go into storage in my crawl space).
1 - The problem exists with all of my wifes Desperate Housewives seasons. We hear the music, but the video does not switch from the GUI.
2 – Game of Thrones menu freezes if we try to select anything other than ‘play all.’
3 – All pre-menu adverts are not allowing fast forwarding. We can select fast forward but they still play at normal speed.

Check PM, same deal as with V1 dvd.iso playback stutter solution?

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