Vero 2 TV screen black, ssh alive

Good old Vero2 (Dec 2015). Did not use it for a few weeks. Tonight wanted to but TV screen stays black.
Cables etc checked, seem ok.
Plugging in power gives blue LED which then turns red after maybe 10 seconds?
I can ssh to it.
Stumped by understanding where is the SD card in case I need to replace it. No slots seem to be there for it.
Thanks for any help.

SD card slot is on the side.

See if you can SSH in or you may need to reinstall.

If you relocated the device, make sure you’re using the correct PSU

Yes as I wrote above I can SSH to it just fine. Ideas on what I can try? rebooted to no avail.
On the right side I see 3 USB slots and then a very thin slot on top and a larger lower down which is empty.
Thank you
PS PSU is always the same original one

If you can SSH, then the device is fine.

You may however have a bad add-on or skin causing a problem. My suggestion is to run:

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup
systemctl start mediacenter

This should get you back up and running.
If it does; an add-on or your skin is incompatible with the latest version of Kodi and is causing an issue.


Good morning Sam.
Really cannot explain what happened but as I went to bed early and didn’t even read your solution, this morning woke up and all is working well. Like if the TV sobered up its act overnight.
Sorry for the unneeded commotion.

Let’s keep an eye on things