Vero 2

Ok - I have been running Apple TV gen 1 on Xbmc! For quite some time and love it! - though it does not run h265, so I’m considering replacing it with the VERO 2 - will the VERO 2 be able to see a HDD that is formatted in HFS+ for the AppleTV? Also is there any way for OSMC to run off the HDD so I do not have to have a USB stick plugged in!

Yes, but using HFS+ is not recommended neither on Vero2 nor on Apple TV (with OSMC).

The Vero2 has a NAND build in that contains OSMC so no need for any external Stick/HDD to run OSMC.

Excellent I will be purchasing a vero 2 then! What format do you recommend to format the HDD in then? Please don’t say fat32!!

HFS+ will work OK.

The Vero 2 has 8GB internal storage, so no SD or USB needed for booting

Try exFAT, I think that works well with OS X. It works well with Windows and OSMC (there will be further improvements for exFAT on OSMC soon)


I have never had a problems with my drive in HFS+ worked perfectly for years! The reasons I will not purchase a Android box!

Never had issues with EXT4 thats the reason i dont buy apple :slight_smile: see the logic right there ?

Imho the Vero2 will work for you if you let it support for extFat and other filesystem has gotten alot better since Apple started to face up to the fact that there are more filesystem that users like to use then just Apples own.

If it works fine on the aTV it will work fine on the Vero 2. They both run OSMC, and filesystem support for HFS+ is handled by the same driver.

So does EXFAT support up to a 3tb hdd. Thank you for all the advice!:grinning:


exFAT vs. FAT32 Comparison
Feature	FAT32	exFAT
Maximum Volume Size	8 TB*	128 PB
Maximum File Size	4 GB	16 EB
Maximum Cluster Size	32 KB **32 MB
Maximum Cluster Count	228	232

While the Vero 2 is awesome and probably the best value for money electronics purchase I’ve made in the last couple of years it doesn’t support all h265, only 8-bit, and a lot of releases on the www are using 10-bit.

Indeed, it’s probably still a very good upgrade from a decade old aTV, but depending on where you source your content from, you may struggle with some HEVC content.

A quick search on a popular torrent site shows <10% of HEVC content is 10-bit. It will vary by group and content type though. Anime is almost always 10-bit

I will be honest I never did purchase the Vero 2 - though I did receive my Vero 4K today! My atv1 is still going strong though! I’m so please with it! Playing every file I’ve chucked at it! Great but of kit!! Thanks Sam!

Just to clarify - do you still recommend formatting a hard drive in ExFat to use with the Vero? As I have a old hard disk formatted in HFS+ and it’s working perfectly with the Vero. Though I may purchase a new hard disk and format it in exfat to use with it. I am OS X user?

exFAT is best for Mac + Windows combination.
I think Apple are moving away from HFS to AFS.