Vero 3

I realise this may be a little early to ask but is the Vero 3 being worked on? The Vero 2 was released in February and the pattern of major Raspberry Pi releases so far has also been in February.

Vero 2 blows the Pi3 out of the water (esp with HEVC 8bit support) but I have a Pi with a hifiberry dac+ pro HAT for my audio which I am reluctant to part with. I will most likely wait until Feb anyway to decide on an upgrade but was curious as to the thoughts and aims of the next Vero - especially in regards to HEVC 10bit hardware decoding.

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It’d be nice to see a vote go up but I’d like to see:

Gigabit Ethernet.
Good emulation support.

That’d get my money.

Just put 10bit HEVC HW support and call it Vero 3 and we will be happy :slight_smile: No need for any other improvements.

might there be a slight chance, that we will hear/sear something about Vero 3 in the near future? :nerd:

found this entry at github :muscle: :v:

looks like the device is 4k ready :heart_eyes:


I think there might be a slight but realistic chance. :grin:

See this thread: Tinker Board - is it supported by OSMC?

I’d advise you subscribe to the stock notification message if you’d like to know about future availability of Vero devices.


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Hi Sam,

would it be possible to make a version with DVB S2/T2? just like wetek.


What’s wrong with DVB over USB? There are very good and supported solutions for both S2 and T2. An integrated solution would drive the price for all those who don’t need it.