VERO 4 K - Novice setup

Hi, I’ve just received my Vero 4k in the mail today - Now I’m a complete novice at this.

What should I be installing and how the hell do you do that?

I download via torrents on my Imac -transfer these movies onto an external HD then plug in via USB. I also watch a lot of Netflix.

Come on people, tell me why these boxes are so good.



so far I know, Netflix isn’t officially supported from the Vero 4k, at the moment.

And torrent leeching can be a risky venture, but you can connect your external drives to your Vero and manage all your content over the network, without switching the drives and I believe there are Addons for Torrents installable.

Thanks, how do I connect my Vero to my mac? I can see its name under the SMB screen on the network, but the connection times out when I select it?

I’ve read you can put BBC Iplayer etc on it? Is that right?

Which direction you want? Vero as server or Mac as Server?

Have you installed the “Samba Server” from the App Store(MyOSMC → App Store)? That will give you the SMB functionality.

“BBC IPlayer” would be a Kodi Addon that you would install via Settings → Addons.
But I am not 100% sure if it works on OSMC.

You can also install transmission on the Vero and download all your stuff from it directly to the hdd.

Just go to My OSMC -> App Store and install transmission.

I’d be using the Mac as the server, Ideally hold the movies on my Mac hard drive, or even a large storage HD plugged into that to increase the storage.

Managed to get iplayer, however I need to be in UK to get access to it, unless I can get on to a VPN or unblockUS or similar.

Will try transmission tonight once I get in from the gym.

Thanks guys. Any other Must have apps?

Sorry yes I’ve added the Samba server from the app store

Ok then you can go thru Add Source → Samba, but issue is “samba browsing” currently not working so you would need to enter you MAC address and share directly.

Ok, if you have done so you could actually use the Vero as the server and Mac as client

Assume you mean Mac address? ie not the device MAC. Something like smb://macname/sharedfolder

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Yep you are writing it much clearer than mine, thanks