Vero 4+ LG E9 OLED unable to work with TV remote

No matter what I tried the damn “smart remote” does not work.
The Vero 4K+ is hooked via HDMI as “Other Box” and the HDMI CEC Sampling option is on.
No button works.
Tried unhooking, powering off, removing power, reconfigure the device but nothing.
Very frustrating as today the Vero remote stopped working Dearly hope its just the battery to be replaced.
Any help/ideas please?

“powering off” did you disconnected the TV and the Vero from the mains power for a couple of minutes?

Still any light visible when you press a button?

As a quick alternative till you get either remote working you could use Yatse or other Kodi remotes on your smart phone. Or your browser on any device.

Hey @fzinken it’s so many years you’r helping me and the other friends here that when you come to Rome get in touch and I’ll be of assistance in any way I ill be able to. Gratitude here :slight_smile:

Having said that please disregard. I feel like a moron but things work now.

I was used to using the “middle scroll wheel” only with the remote and that does not work at all, and just by chance I hit the down arrow and the menu changed, so it was only a matter of which buttons are working.

No light on the Vero remote, just ordered a CR2032 and with a new one hope things will get back to normal.

Again thanks a lot