Vero 4 transform to debian Server

In some days (maybe tom…) I’ve one more Vero, now 4(+). Basicly one too much, but ILike Gigabit.
Also I must change my Oregon weather station, and I’ve found some debian app, which I think can run on thes “old” Vero4.

But I will a “clean Debian Vero4” without nothing other than Debian, no “Kodi” no Mediacenter.
In the past I’ve read in this forum some threads, but I look for a clean “how to” to reconfig VERO4 OSMC to Vero4 Debian server.

You can run sudo systemctl disable mediacenter and Kodi will not start. This will give you a very minimal system running Debian.

Hi Sam
Thanks for the reply. I’ve read that, but with this Vero i will never more run Kodi, only debian apps, with sometime repo changes to use apps in debian devel repo.
For me it’s a way to use my “old” Vero box

You won’t benefit from removing the Kodi files (it only takes up a little bit of space).

The Debian repositories are there for you to install whatever packages you would like.


It isn’t a disc space question, i work with synology NAS. For me it’s that i’ve problems when i play with debian repo(s) to have the latested (no stretch) version of the package.

In that case, you can change stretch to sid or testing in the Debian sources.list.
But sid is experimental, so it may not work well.

Ok I’ve my answer.
Thanks Sam