Vero 4k 1/8" ports

Hi. I’d like to know what the two 1/8" ports on the side of the Vero 4k are for? I assumed one would be a standard speaker/headphone output but all I get is silence on one and noise on the other.

I did search and went through the guide but can’t find this mentioned anywhere.


Hello. Check this thread: USB port difference + Hole Jack for infrared receiver extension

One is a CVBS output so could provide audio out.


The audio jack is not designed to drive headphones. You need to turn the volume up to the top.

Thanks very much for your quick reply, I did find the answer to which port is audio out.

Just curious if you (or anyone) might have an idea why all I get is noise on that port? I’m using a standard 1/8" to 1/8" audio cable connected to computer speakers. I’m guessing I may need to play with the audio out settings in XBMC, and normally I would just experiment with that but I’m also struggling with HDMI compatibility with the crappy little TV in this rental place I just moved to! So if anyone knows and has a minute to answer that’d be great.

Thanks again!

Check here OSMC Vero 4K : Analogue Output Quality? - #2 by sam_nazarko :slight_smile:

Can you show us your audio settings via My OSMC -> Logs as well?



I changed the audio device settings to the default (which still appears as an HDMI port) and set the speakers to 2.0 and now sound via the audio jack works fine. I’m normally hooked up to a 5.1 audio system and I’m not sure which change did the trick but good is good.

Many thanks for the quick help!

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