VERO 4K + 14TB External Hard Drive

Just making sure before I upgrade; Will the VERO 4K cope with an external 14TB hard-drive that is independently powered?

I currently have that exact same set-up, reading the drive and playing video files without issue, but the current hard-drive is 8TB.

I ask as I’ve had a similar media player in the past that couldn’t see a hard-drive attached over 4TB.

As long as the filesystem you format it as supports that size, the Vero will handle it. You should for best performance format it as EXT4.

Thanks for that, appreciated.
I have no idea what EXT4 is?! Looking it up, something to do with LINUX? But I don’t know what that is either!
The 8TB external hard drive I have and use with Vero 4K now is formatted as ExFAT.
So I’d just presume to do the same again.
I use a MacPro, but my computer skills and knowledge and pretty low.

ExFAT will also be ok for the 14TB disk while not as performant as EXT4.

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I’m curious what player it was that you used to have that wouldn’t read drives over 4TB.

To be honest, I cannot remember what it was. Cyclone, perhaps?
But this Vero 4K I’ve had at least two years now and cannot fault it, for my simple needs.
And without intending to sound like a butt-kisser, the after sales service is second-to-none.


Hi Eraserhead

I have a 14TB hard drive hooked up to my Vero 4k+ and it runs with no issues.

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