Vero 4K 5.1 output from Optical Audio to Sonos Playbar only Stereo

Hi all, New here and hoping to resolve the issue with the Vero 4K only playing stereo to my Sonos Playbar and 5.1 system. I did ask Sam before purchasing if this would work and was told it would. That is my reason for buying this great product and the amazing support that it receives. I have been reading up through the forums in the hope of sorting this out myself but have become stuck. Here is my system connections.
Vero 4K - HDMI to Samsung PS64F8500 Plasma
Vera 4K - Optical out to 3 way Optical Switch
PS64F8500 Plasma - Optical out to 3 way Optical Switch
Samsung Bluray Player -Optical out to 3way Optical Switch
3way Optical Switch - Optical out to Sonos Playbar 5.1 system
When playing 5.1 sources over the TV or Bluray it will show as Dolby Digital on the Sonos system. When playing a 5.1 stream on the Vero 4k it will only show stereo. I have made sure the audio over HDMI is switched off in settings, tried changing the channels back to 2 as recommended and played with all other audio settings but no luck. I’m getting sound out of the system but only stereo. Would love to resolve this and use the system for what I bought it for. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

You need channels 2.0, passthrough for Dolby Digital and enable AC3 encoding

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As a test can you directly connect the Vero to the soundbar. that will help rule out the optical switch.

That will do the trick.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks Grahamh and Sam, those settings worked and it now sounds fantastic. Greatly appreciate your quick response and help.

I have the same problem but didn’t get the setup suggested?

channel 2.0 will definitly leave the stereo on.
passtrough is on, but it is still stereo
and I have no idea where “enable AC3 encoding” is?

Could you please help me?


actually I made it work.
But what about the 7.1? Can’t I have it using the optical?


Unfortunately optical is limited to 5.1 via DTS/AC3 or 2 channel PCM.