Vero 4K+ A Couple Of Issues

So i have 3 Vero 4K+'s. Lounge unit working fine. Theater unit works with everything on the network it had been connected too but when trying to and another pathway via SMB, it seems to need a username and password. The bedroom unit won’t connect to any previous paths, i get “operation not permitted” and “couldn’t connect to the network server”.

Any idea’s?

Hard to say with the limited information your providing but I would suggest to take a look at the userdata of a working box and compare it to the one causing you grief. Specifically…


This is of course assuming your using Kodi SMB paths and not a system mount.

Is that via a log?

No, those are text files you would need to access outside of the GUI. You could access them via a PC by installing samba from the My OSMC add-on and then from Windows Explorer in the address bar type in two backslashes followed by the ip address of the device your connecting to. These are just text files so can be opened with notepad but preferably notepad++ if you want to modify one this way.

Alternatively you can access them from the terminal [see here] and you can just use cat (ie cat ~/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml) to view a file and nano if you want to edit one.

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