(Vero 4k+) Allow higher refresh rates

Would it be difficult to allow higher refresh rates from HDMI edid data? Specifically, 1080P100, 1080P119.88, and 1080P120?


Support is available from the SoC vendor with the 3.14 kernel; so I assume that it will be available when we move to 4.9.


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Just an fyi higher refresh rates still aren’t available in the October update (not sure if that included the kennel update)

They would need to be manually enabled. However it looks like they are dropped in 4.9, so support may be short lived


Hmm, when you say ‘manually’, do you mean add modelines? (I’m not seeing them appear in the resolution whitelist)

Yes, for niche resolutions. We could add some VESA modes out of the box too.