Vero 4k and Domoticz after July update issue


I was using Vero 4k and Domoticz for couple of months but yesterday I update my Vero 4k to July update and Domoticz stopped working:(

When I check status of - - sudo Service domoticz status in SSH it says everything is ok and Domoticz Service is active but when I try to open it by my browser it says domoticz is offline.

Mayby someone had this problem and knows the solution?

Best regards


Don’t know much about it, but make sure you are running it on a separate port to the Kodi webserver



Hi Sam,
Thx for info… Im running it on port 8888.



Whats the output of:

netstat -at | grep LISTEN

Thanks Tom.


I don’t know what to do…

I reinstalled Domoticz and everything was working untill I restart VERO 4k (before restart Domoticz is working but there is no video on HDMI port on VERO).

After restart netstat -at shows

My domoticz status is Acvite (exited)

I think there is some conflict with osmc. Any ideas?



I turned off Services–> Controlling (www server) and everything seems to working now…

Best regards



That would suggest Domoticz isn’t listening on port 8888, but using the same as the kodi webserver. I would suggest the config for Domoticz.

Thanks Tom.