Vero 4K and home theater system integration

Hi all! I just bought Vero 4K. Before i had android box: Himedia Q5 pro, which i like much, except the problems with CEC support. To solve that problems i even bought Harmony remote. But i hated to press various buttons to change inputs between various devices. So partly it explains, why i bought Vero 4K. Lets describe my Home cinema system: Arris VIP1113 stream box from my cable TV provider connected to TV Samsung 65JS9502, Pioneer AVR VSX-1131 connected with TV through main HDMI OUT ARC and now Vero 4K connected to AVR receiver. All devices support hdmi-cec and it enabled on all devices.
I use remote control from stream box and push On button: str. box thirst, then TV and AVR are turning On and switching to the right inputs (on tv hadmi 2 ARRIS) on AVR (TV input) and i watch cable TV. When i switching of, all devices goes off. Perfect.
Question:: -how to wake up my system, using Vero 4K if there is no power on/off button on it? If i disconnect power cord from Vero 4K and then connect it back, Vero 4K turns On (blue), after that TV (hdmi 4 Pioneer input) and AVR receiver (Vero 4K input) turns On and i watch movies from NAS server.
Question 2: - how to turn off TV and receiver with Vero 4K remote, if i understood correctly, that we don’t need to turn off Vero 4K?
Thank You in advance and hope that i’m not repeating someone else situation already solved:)



Standby support is planned for the next update. We’ve promised it for a little while now, but it is now being developed.

CEC supports this, but there is no direct implementation for this in Kodi. You could in theory write a small script (if you are happy to) and add it to your home screen as a shortcut.


I think one of this posts (most likely already the top one) will help you

When i press on Kodi home screen power button and choose “exit” , Kodi exits, TV and AVR turns off. Does’t it mean, that by choosing “exit”, the Vero 4K goes to standby mode? Later i tried to press “Home” button on Vero 4K remote and TV, AVR and Vero 4K turned on, with Home screen on. Another time i tried to “exit” Kodi - system freezes and i should unplug power cord from device to hard exit:) I will try to do the same with screensavers as described above. But already next morning:)
Thanks for answers

No, currently there is no standby mode implemented (may come in the future). In the moment when you choose “exit” it will stop the mediacenter but it will restart it after 1 minute (unless you press ESC and login the command line).

How did you “exit” at that time? Still via exit option in shutdown menu?

Yes, exacty the same way.

Hi, again
While I’m waiting for the program update with standby mode implemented, i decided to try screensaver to turn off TV and AVR as described in this topic: “[HowTo] Power off display by screensaver and remote control”

I enabled screensaver “OSMC Display Power”. And now i can turn OFF TV and AVR by pressing key on remote. OK.
But that’s what happened: screensaver settings have wait time and you can change it from 1 min to 60 min. If I do not turn off the Home theater system with screensaver by pressing dedicated key on remote and switch to another input on TV to watch cable TV, the screensaver on Vero 4K after some time (1-60 min) shutdown all system.
How to fix this problem, so that the screensaver can be activated only with remote control, but not after some fixed period of time (1-60 min)