Vero 4k and Pioneer VSX 932


2 days ago I bought new Pioneer VSX - 932 and I wanted to say that Vero 4k works perfect with this amplifier.

4k HDR video is no problem.

DTS:X and Dolby Atmos sound is superb.

Sam…thank You for such a great piece of hardware and software.

Best regards


This is an old thread so you will likely never see this but I’m in the market for the same model AVR and was wondering if HDMI CEC was working okay with it and the Vero 4K?

Yes…it works ok.
When You press Mode button on Pioneer remote You can also operate Vero 4k.
When You press Vero source on Pioneer remote Vero 4k opens and change source on tv to Vero.
Everything works ok. You can buy this unit.

Not only did you reply but you did so super quick, thank you!