Vero 4K and Samsung QA75Q60AAWXXY

When my VERO is plugged into my TV my HDMI Samsung Soundbar HW-A650/XY stops working

Can you provide more information about your setup?

Any reason why you would not plug Vero into the soundbar and the soundbar into the TV? Have a look here: Audio hardware and software configuration

awesome will try that thanks kindly

Hi Sam. New TV and soundbar. 3 HDMI ports in TV one specifically for soundbar. 1 is used for PC and one spare. Newish 4k Vero. It was working fine for a couple of months then the soundbar issues. Tried firmware upgrade on TV, didn’t work. Soundbar is latest firmware. When I remove Vero from HDMI on TV, soundbar works fine.
I’ll try grahamh’s suggestion of piggy backing Vero to Soundbar and let you all know.

Did you try to remove all devices from power (unplug) for a few minutes to have CEC reset?

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Hi fzinken,
yes I did but it didnt work

Thanks to all for the help and sorry for my late response.
Daisy chaining the Vero to the output HDMI on my Samsung Soundbar fixed the issue. I finally finished my config on the unit and boy does it rock. Apart from the occasional crash it’s a great product.