Vero 4K and space question

Hello all.

I wanted to ask a (probably) very simple question. Occasionally I find I get an error about backups not having enough room, so I periodically search the Vero4K for giant files that might have somehow gotten forgotten so I can delete them. Invariably they are in a temp folder.

Anyway, I find files in a folder called “./mnt/pvr/showname” The shows that are referenced were recorded TV shows and are on a separate NAS. My question is: are these files also stored on the Vero4K or are they just shortcuts to the files on the NAS? They are all over a gb in size and it seems strange that a mere shortcut would display the actual file size.

Provided you’ve configured your fstab shares properly, they won’t be stored on the Vero.


You can use a command line tool like ncdu to look at what space is used on the Vero itself and tell it to not look at the NAS.

First of all you need to access the command line, there are instructions for that here

Once on the command line you need to install ncdu, you can do that with this command sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ncdu

Now you can use ncdu to look at the usage of your internal storage, you can do that with this command sudo ncdu -x /. If you want to include the NAS simply take out the -x argument. We’ve used the / to signify the entire filesystem but you can specify a specific folder if you want (e.g. /home) to speed the scan time up.

You’ll be presented with a graphical representation of your hard drive that you can navigate around using the cursor keys and the return key, use the … to move back up a level and press q to quit.

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Thank you! I used ncdu and the vast majority of the space used is in the /.kodi folder - seems to mostly be skins and stuff like that.

There is a folder called /.kodi_backup which is pretty large. I’m assuming that’s there for recovery in case an update causes the device to crash. Anyway, I’m using 5.3GiB right now.

No that is a backup copy you created when resetting your settings. We suggest you delete it if you don’t need it anymore.