Vero 4k+ as a dedicated plex front end player

Hi there,
I use my Vero 4k+ mainly as streaming device for my Hifi system using the minijack output.
I use plex for kodi but its inteface on mobile devices is meh and when it comes to library scan, it is horribly slow.
I know that Plex doesn’t support this platform anymore. So I would like to know if there is a way to chage the distro to, lets say Rasplex ? Will all the hardware on my Vero 4k+ be supported and what about updates ?


Ok, just realized Rasplex only offers Plex For Kody. It would be sad to see my Vero 4k+ ending on a shelf :frowning:

How about using PlexKodiConnect?

Yes, I actually use PlexKodiConnect, but I’m not happy with it. I am looking for a more straight forward Plex solution as it would be on a Nvidia device.

Do you have a reference to backup that statement? You have said in this thread you are already running Plex for Kodi and PlexKodiConnect. I have already confirmed that Plex for Kodi is also working on the (unreleased) OSMC Matrix update. Their is also a third Plex add-on called Composite. Although Plex does not maintain Kodi as well as it does on some other platforms it is still an officially supported platform as far as I know.

As for the library scan speed goes, how does this have anything to do with the client device? By design all the scanning is done on the device running your Plex server, not on the client.

What I meant is (afaik) Plex doesn’t offer official support (no client download) for Kodi nor to Raspberry or Vero platforms. Yes there are unofficials plugins maintained by the community, I do use PlexKodiConnect as advised to me by Sam last year.
Unfotunately on my setup (Vero 4k+/Kodi/PlexKodiConnect, latest updates), the plugin is sluggish, especially on my mobile app Kore, which I use as a remote to stream from my Vero to my Hifi.
Library takes ages to load, when I look for a title I often return nothing, some movies (no 4k, only FHD) take a long time to start and sometimes they won’t play a all returning an error message.
Maybe I did my setup wrong, I’ll try to start it over.
Anyways, what would be nice is a direct Plex client on Vero 4k+ withoud Kodi, the same way I use my Plex client on my PC.

The Plex for Kodi add-on is currently maintained by Plex. For a while it was a third party, but not currently. I’m pretty sure I read a while back that Plex actually stopped development on the standalone Plex desktop app and at some point it will stop working.

Ok so now I am confused. If I get it right, both PlexKodiConnect and Plex for Kodi add-ons are currently maitained ? So which would work best for my needs, knowing I want to use my Vero with a remote app on my phones and tablets. says Plex for Kody last update dates back to April 6, 2020.

If you have a Android phone look at Yatse as alternative

If you have no need to transcode videos for use on phones etc then you do not need Plex at all. The Vero will play anything natively and as suggested Yatse is a fantastic phone app to control the Vero.
Yatse also allows play back of anything stored on Kodi generally so I also use it to send music & video files to my chromecasts.
Is there a specific use scenario that needs Plex?

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The most current version of Plex for Kodi with is 0.3.3, I believe was released like two months ago. PlexKodiConnecct’s github shows their last update a week ago. Composite looks like it was updated October 2020.