Vero 4k+ as a TV recorder with multiple tuners

I am looking to replace my Vero 4k+ with the new V and hope to setup the 4K with a TV tuner as a recording box/server on my home network. Ideally I want the ability to occasionally record simultaneous programs/channels and so a USB tuner with that capability is desirable. Is OSMC and the 4K to be capable of overlapping recordings this way and any recommendation on such a capable TV Tuner?


It would be useful to know how you want to record programs.

In the UK you have the option of Satellite (DVB-S) or Freeview (DVB-T). We have a tuner for DVB-T2 on the Store which can be used to view and record programs, but it is a single tuner.

This means it can only record another program if it is being broadcast on the same multiplex. There are several multiplexes.

You could purchase a second tuner or look at dual tuner options (although these primarily exist for satellite and are usually not available via USB but PCIE cards).

So first things I’d ask would be how are you accessing TV (aerial or satellite) and how many programs do you actually need to record / watch at the same time?


It will be DVB-T/Freeview source with a need to occasionally record 2 channels simultaneously. A key requisite is simplicity and reliability hence me asking, as your tuner would be my first choice had it been a dual tuner solution…


I have two tuners and rarely find there’s more than three things worth watching at the same time, so two being recorded and one watching live on the TV is the max. You may need to factor in an aerial amp to split the signal - all dongles are less sensitive than TV tuners.

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A powered hub and two dongles should do the trick.

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Hauppauge do a dual usb WinTV-dualHD DVBT Tuner, works fine on a PC. No idea if it would be any good on a Vero.
Can the Vero utilise a network tuner like a HDhomerun ?

A HDHomerun wouldn’t be platform specific because it is attached to your network. It would simply be a matter of if the backend software your wanting to run supports them. There are people running backends on OSMC devices using them as the tuners. There is also support for using them via Kodi add-ons.

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Generally 2 independent USB DVB-T Tuners are always more reliable and easier to maintain than Dual DVB-T Tuners in my experience.

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HDhomerun working via tvheadend works perfectly with the Vero. I have the quad tuner connected to my network and never had any issues. This for me was the best solution as the tuner is available to any device connected to your network if needed

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While agreeing that this is “generally” true, I’ve been using a USB Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVBT Tuner 24/7 for the last 4 years, never had a problem with it.
First couple of years was on a PI 3B using OSMC & TVHeadend, last 2 on a Win PC using Nextpvr, both on Freeview UK (aerial)
I generally record to my NAS and playback via PLEX. I find the OTA EPG implementation is better on Nextpvr vs TVHeadend, also easier to set up.

Are you in the UK and using Freeview ?
If so how is the OTA EPG implementation ? The Quad HDhomerun is the route I’m thinking of going down as I can also integrate it into Plex

If your adding a HDhomerun to a Plex server you don’t need any other backend or EPG as it is all built in. I think it requires a Plex Pass but the setup was trivial when I added my FLEX 4K to my Plex server.

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Yes you do need a Plex pass to be able to record (which I have) was more wondering how good the EPG is ? Unfortunately Plex no longer supports USB tuners so I can’t test it out before I go for Quad HDHomerun

Yes in the UK using freeview. All the channel setup is done via TVheadend and sends all the TV guide to the vero. Recordings are also handled by TVheadend and its all free.

TVheadend can take a bit of time to learn but its not that difficult and there are loads of help docs online


Sorry, can’t help you there as I live on the opposite side of the planet. The EPG seems pretty solid for my local stations in California.

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