Vero 4k as server for Apple TV 4gen? is it even possibile?

sorry for being a total noob, but months ago I’ve won an Apple TV (4 gen I think) in a small lottery. It’s still boxed, since I don’t know what to do with it (no Mac in my home).
I’ve bought a Vero 4K, that I’m happily using with a 2,5" HD.
Can I use the Vero as server for the Apple TV? AFAIK there’s no jailbreak for ATV 4, should I install Kodi on ATV?
Or is there a way to make the Vero compatible with airplay?
I’ve tried googling a bit, but I’ve found only the cumbersome tutorial to build Kodi on ATV via developer tools… (using a Mac I guess…)


If at all the Vero (Kodi) would only support audio sharing via airplay no video.

All what I read sofar when google “Apple TV 4 NAS” is that ATV 4 requires a itunes server and can not stream files from an ordinary NAS/

thankyou for the reply

…the ATV will remain a fancy paperweight then… shame on Apple

You could try installing the Plex App on your ATV4 and see if it can pull things from your Kodi on Vero.

Or you can install Plex Media Server on your Vero (not a totally trivial task) - and then use the Plex App on your Apple TV to stream from there.

thanks! :+1:

The Apple implementation of things like Netflix, Amazon video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu,You Tube are all pretty good.

iTunes Movies are some of the best quality going for a streaming service too if you want to redeem iTunes vouchers or rent movies or even buy the odd digital title.

The apple TV4 has just had an update like the 4k model called match frame so it will automatically switch to the refresh rate of the material its playing including 24p (23.98p) One of the very few streaming boxes to do this

You can use it as a head end for LAN based media by installing infuse or MrMC straight from the App store which is a Kodi fork, side loading Kodi via the USB c port. But it won’t support ATMOS or DTSX at all and needs to pass through HD audio formats as PCM.

Its not the best ‘kodi’ style solution out their but as a streaming box it does a lot really well - you should try it out.

thanks to everyone. I’ve still not had time to tinker, things got a bit sideway lately. I’ll try your solutions asap