Vero 4K+ Audio Distorted - Pitched down

Hi all,

I’m having a weird issue with the Vero 4k+ . Kodi GUI sounds, Shairport-sync, Tubecast and even some videos are playing significantly pitched down. My first thought is that the audio isn’t being resampled properly and this isn’t just limited to Kodi as Shairport does the same.

Rebooting the device doesn’t help, I can’t find anything useful in the logs, not sure where to check the logs and I have no idea what’s going on. Some videos play perfectly fine, in fact, it seems that playing some video files has triggered the distortion as it was working fine before this. These specific videos still play correctly but the GUI sounds are pitched down and other software also. I’m using HDMI audio if it helps, disconnecting this doesn’t help. I’ve tried to disable audio passthrough (don’t know if this helps but I did it anyway).

I don’t really want to do a fully reinstall (I imagine that might solve the issue) but rather diagnose and fix the problem. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Maybe someone here will see something useful in the logs :thinking:

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Never mind, it’s was my TV, it simply needed a power cycle :roll_eyes: It’s always the last thing you check :unamused:

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