Vero 4K+..AUDIO

Hi there,

after having different Zidoo’ and Himedia’s, I’m using now an Oppo Mediaplayer.

I’m thinking of bying an additional Mediaplayer for 80 % Music/20% Video and found the Vero 4K+…BUT VERY IMPORTANT for me are the following expectations on Music Audio & Video Audio

-Playing Audio FLAC & WAV 5.1 Multichannel ( No PCM-Downsampling)

-Playing SACD-ISO’s 5.1 Multichannel (No PCM-Downsampling)

-Playing DSF-Files 5.1 Multichannel

For Video

  • Audio up to DTS:X & DOLBY ATMOS (True HD- Core)


No Netflix or Prime regarded.

Could Anyone tell me if the Vero 4K+ with OSMC can handle all these expectations by HDMI-Passthrough to an 7.1.4 AV-Receiver?

Thx very much!!!

FLAC & WAV no problem (not sure what you mean by downsampling, though, we decode FLAC to PCM as AFAIK you can’t pass FLAC through HDMI as-is. Correct me if not) Up to 8 channels, 192ks/s supported.

SACD & DSF Vero does not support pass-through of 1-bit audio. These formats would be converted to PCM.

DTS:X & DOLBY ATMOS - supported with pass-through. Some very high bit-rate Atmos tracks currently suffer from dropouts. This is a problem in Kodi which is being worked on.

Hope this helps.

It will do these but your likely going to get mixed results with stutters on some. Remuxing to DSD seems to work much better in my VERY limited testing. Either way don’t expect them to sound the same as an actual SACD player as there is no standard for transferring that 1-bit signal to an AVR so it has to get converted to LPCM. I assume you are probably aware that playback of these kinds of files on most non-PC devices is challenging.

There are 2 types of digital sound methods : PCM and DSD - I think there is a misconception/misunderstanding behind your point of view. Both FLAC, WAV, DD, DTS are PCM decoded files.

DSF - SACD is DSD 64 format stream

Hope this helped