Vero 4K+ becoming unresponsive

Hi there,

So my new Vero 4K+ box started to become unresponsive (red LED light on) after around ½-2 hours of idle after each startup. To get rid of it, I just did a fresh OSMC install with just a different skin (Arctic Zephyr 2) and PlexKodiConnect installed as add-ons but the error keeps persisting.

I’ve attached logs from a fresh reboot at 21:04:16 and some 40 minutes later (21:45:48) I’m getting a “Quitting due to POSIX signal” after which it seems to restart Kodi at 21:45:58 after which it becomes unresponsive.

Any ideas what’s causing this?


A red light would usually indicate overheating

Make sure it’s in a well ventilated place


Thanks, that seemed to be the issue as I was reaching CPU temperatures above 100 degrees. Now I just need to figure out why that happens when it’s idle.

By the way, is there a way of seeing the CPU temperature through SSH?

Full debug logs would help, but from your Kodi logs it looks like Plex is having issues. You may want to look at the Plex addon settings.

Is it not full debug logs that I have attached?

I have a few ideas to check but it would be nice to be able read CPU temperatures through cli/ssh. What would be the way to do that?

No, that was only Kodi logs. From SSH you can use grab-logs -A to get full logs.

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

I managed to find the culprit. It was a specific skin setting (Ken Burns animation of posters for the AZ2 skin for those interested). Disabling that gave me CPU temperatures around 60-65 degrees.

Thanks for the help and pointers Brian and Sam. Much appreciated.