Vero 4k+ blank screen issue


I purchased a vero 4k+ in December and so far the system has been great, with a small exception…

On occasion I switch to the Vero’s hdmi input on my TV and there is no signal from the system, however OSMC is still running as i can access via the Yatse app on my phone… I can also operate Transmission via the web client…

If I trigger a reboot via Yatse the system comes back up as normal, so this isn’t a major issue, but it has happened enough times now to be getting a bit irritating :grin:

All my media files are located on 2 usb 4tb hard drives, which are plugged into the veros 2 usb ports.

I have uploaded some logs

If anyone can shed light on this I would appreciate the help…

Well done on the VERO and on osmc…


Did this only occur after an update?

Hi Sam, thanks for replying…

When I first recieved the VERO I updated it to OSMC Dec 2018.12-1

The problem has been occurring since then and no further updates have been available…


This happens to me about 25% of the time. I just switch the input on my AVR to something else and back to the Vero4K+ and the picture comes back. Sometimes I have to do this a few times. It doesn’t bother me that much since once the picture comes back, it’s flawless.

Ok thanks… yes 25% is about the same for me, though im plugged directly to the tv input and an input change does not resolve for me… i need to reboot. As you say once its back up its fine, just a bit annoyoing… never happend with my rpi3 running osmc…

Did this only occur after an update?
I know OP updated immediately but perhaps @BanditRider was on an older version before.

I assumed it has something to do with my Yamaha RX-V683 AVR since it sometimes happens on my Raspberry PI3B+ too. In both cases, switching the input to a source that has video like my cable box and back restores the video. The cable box never looses video. Also, my original Vero4K in my bedroom connected directly to a 4KTV never looses video. Come to think of it, I don’t think the Vero4K ever lost video when it was connected to the Yamaha before I got the 4K+.
I install updates as soon as the notification comes up on my screen. I use a Harmony remote via Bluetooth on the Veros and I use an OSMC remote on the PIs.

Try enabling HPD Lock.

I’ll try the HPD Lock tonight.