Vero 4K blue LED

Warranty issues aside, what happens if I just open it up and snip the LED out. Is any other circuitry dependant on it?


I can’t answer your specific question, but surly black electrical tape over the led would be easier?

Thanks Tom.

Black tape would definitely be a better bet.
You risk chopping off a cap too.

Fair enough - though having been a EE for more years than I care to remember I could probably manage it!

I use red electrical tape on my Vero 4K. The led still shines through a bit when it’s red, but not when it’s blue.

If you then use a scalpel to cut it out to the shape of the LED, it looks pretty smart.

We’ve removed the blue LED during device operation now. I wonder how long until we get requests to remove the red one as well!

There’s no active LED now while the 4K+ is on, correct?


Best change ever. :smiley:

I noticed the blue led is on while the Vero V is active. Is that intentional?

The Vero V has only a blue LED and it should only be on a couple seconds during initial boot and when the device is in a suspend state. When you are actively using the device the light should not be on.

Why should it be on in a suspend state? To remind me I have a Vero V installed?

To remind you it’s off. Otherwise you might wonder why there is no display.

No need. Will get my black tape out.