Vero 4k+ bluetooth and usb dac

Hi everyone,

I would like to send music from my phone via bluetooth to my usb DAC which is connected to my Vero 4k+ ( fresh install with march 2022 update)
I followed this guide :
Now my phone is connected to osmc, i can send music to the tv through HDMI but if i follow the part " Streaming from BT to a device other than HDMI", it is not working, no sound in the DAC.
The aplay -L command only shows my phone in the list, my DAC isn’t here :

osmc@osmc:~$ bluealsa-aplay -L
Fairphone 4 5G, trusted phone, capture
A2DP (AAC): S16_LE 2 channels 44100 Hz

So i can’t finish this step :

Any idea?


You need aplay -L not bluealsa-aplay -L.

Thanks for your answer, i added bluealsa to the commmand line because aplay alone didn’t work :

osmc@osmc:~$ aplay -L
-bash: aplay: command not found

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install alsa-utils
aplay -L

Thanks a lot, it works now!