Vero 4K - Can I install a prior version of OSMC

Hi All,

I am considering buying a Vero 4K to replace my RPI3. I currently use the OSMC Jarvis 16.1 version on the RPI3, because of some compatibility and performance issues (not an OSMC issue - more of a Krypton issue) I know that I can turn off automatic updates to OSMC, but I am worried that if a new version of OSMC gets installed on the VERO, I won’t be able to go back to a better functioning version (like I can do now on my RPI3)

Does the Vero have the capability to go back to a prior version of OSMC?

Thanks in advance,


You’ll be able to download and install older versions from Download - OSMC, in the same way you would with an SD card on a Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately we never released Kodi Jarvis for Vero 4K however, as Kodi Krypton was final at the time when the new device launched. However, older versions from now on will be installable on the Vero 4K: so for example, when Kodi v18 comes out, you’ll still be able to install Kodi v17.

Hope this clears things up