Vero 4K+ Cannot Start - Flickering Screen on Bootup and Error Message

Hi. Posting on behalf of a user.

His screen just flickers on startup and displays this error message in attachment. After the message, the signal dies - TV says “no signal”. Needless to say, he cannot get any logs off it.

Is this hardware or can still be sorted with a fresh install of OSMC?

Video of problem on youtube here:

Looks like the user is on 4.9 from the looks of it.

The first logical step would be to reinstall OSMC. This usually solves booting problems.

Is there a specific reason for you to believe the issue is hardware related?

If you check the video, the screen flickers with several horizontal lines with different colors. That’s not normal even if you’re on the 4.9 kernel.

Thanks, @sam_nazarko. I’ll ask the user if he dabbled into 4.9 kernel and try reinstalling OSMC.

Always reinstall first - it never hurts

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Will do

Weird. I got the unit now to reinstall the OSMC image but I tried plugging it in first to see the error personally. Error didn’t come out.

Reflashing it now anyway.

Can the error message & flickering be caused by a faulty hdmi cable? Or faulty TV HDMI port?

I don’t understand what you mean when you say error message

I meant the error message on the tv screen on the photo of 1st post.

Those are just early bootup messages (on a 4.9 kernel)
I’ll make them a bit quieter in the near future to avoid confusion.

Thanks, @sam_nazarko. Turns out it was a twisted HDMI cable. Nothing wrong with the Vero.

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Glad to hear.

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