Vero 4k-Center Audio Channel playing through Left

I have a Vero 4k that I use only for ripped bluray playback of Atmos MKV files. I noticed that something did not sound right and played some atmos test content filed that were encoded to play just the center channel confirmed that center channel is indeed playing through the left channel. Tested it with non-atmos (trueHD 7.1) content and this is not an issue (Dolby 5.1, dts 5.1 etc).
Hopefully someone can take a look at this.
Can anyone else test and see if this is a issue for them?

Hi, afaIk if you have TrueHD and E-AC3 passthrough configured on the Vero, there is no decoding on the Vero side but the AVR on the other hdmi end has to do the job. I would search for the issue, there.
If you can share a short clip, I can offer to test this on a Vero 4kPlus, Vero V and a Pi4 with a Sony STR-DN1080 and appropriate 3D audio speaker system.


Maybe the settings got changed somehow. Can you point me to where the TrueHD settings and eac3 passtrhrough are located and make sure they are still set correctly.

settings>system>audio and make sure you are in an expert view so you see all the settings. The channels options is what will dictate how many PCM channels it gets converted to if your not using passthrough and the passthrough options are at the bottom of the settings window. You can also reference the following guide for additional information…

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Confirmed bug was not on the Vero side. I was testing a Beta for the processor and this was an issue on the AVP side of things.

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Glad to hear this – thanks for getting back to us.

Out of curiosity what’s the brand and model of the AVR/device the Vero is connected to?

StormAudio ISP MK2