Vero 4K+ change OS

I received my Vero 4K+ kit recently, and after using it for a while it’s looking like it isn’t the all-in-one replacement I was hoping for.

Previously I was using a Rock64 running Android TV as a media centre, however on the death of that board I chose to explore other options, choosing to go with the Vero.

In short, the TV gets used just as frequently for youtube/spotify/twitch than it does playing from local files. I couldn’t get youtube to sign in at all and while I was able to get twitch to work, apps being locked to the same style as the OS makes them clunky to use.

So I ask, is it possible to load a different OS onto the eMMC? OSMC is already built atop Debian, perhaps Raspbian is an option? I have tried to search for this, but was unable to find anything concrete. Aside from a brief mention of Android TV Using Android - Vero (late 2015) - OSMC, but this advice seems to be outdated?).

Hopefully someone else has tinkered with this! It would be a shame to be unable to use the hardware

Installing an OS other than OSMC is not supported.

The setup process for getting YouTube working is rather a pain, but once you’ve done it, it works very nicely.

Did you go through the process of setting up API keys?

See Personal API Keys · anxdpanic/ Wiki · GitHub

It has to be said that for subscription services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. the Vero 4K is not a great choice - they work, but with reduced resolution; but YouTube works great once it’s up and running.