Vero 4K+ - Chapter skipping during MKV playback crashes the player

Unit: Vero 4K+ purchased couple of weeks ago.

HDD: Western Digital Elements 5 TB (Mains powered). Space left on HDD: 50 GB (almost full).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the mkv file.
  2. Wait for few seconds.
  3. Hit the up arrow couple of times to skip chapters. Player crashes with the sad face.

Encountered the above with the following 1:1 UHD mkv rips:

  1. Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition
  2. Justice League
  3. Wonder Woman

Now this is becoming a major headache for me. I am on the latest firmware btw.

Thanks @ooZee for the link but I am confused. What should I exactly do now? It appears like a basic issue and easily reproducible.

Follow the instructions in the link and reproduce the issue

Ie logs

You should upload debug-enabled logs, right after reproducing the issue.

Does this only happen with files which have TrueHD tracks?

I guess you assume that this might be the same issue that I am experiencing, right?
And to answer your question Sam, all the 3 movies he mentioned have TrueHD Atmos audio.

If it is not already the case, can you try to enable Settings -> System -> Audio -> Dolby TrueHD capable reveiver and report back if it is still crashing. Of course if your TV or AVR cannot decode TrueHD tracks you won’t hear anything, but it’s for testing purposes.

Hi Guys,

I am not using any AVR. I will update MediaInfo of these MKVs soon. Think the audio is downmixed to 2 ch PCM. All these are 1:1 rip from my personal UHD disc but with non-English subs and non-English lossless audio tracks excluded.

I will try to reproduce this issue with non-Atmos / TrueHD mkvs.

Found another thread with the same issue: My Vero 4k+ crashes when I seek some movies - #62 by ac16161

Yes, that is the same issue for me here. Unless I enable TrueHD passthrough, the media center does crash on chapter skipping when the Vero either transcodes the audio track to PCM or to AC-3 (with AC-3 transcoding enabled).

Thanks mate. I tried these and didn’t face any issues:

  1. Aquaman 4K - Atmos + DTS-HD MA
  2. Inception 4K - DTS-HD MA

However, it did show up the sad face in Starship Troopers (Atmos) plus the ones I had highlighted in my original post.

Can you confirm that with the Aquaman movie the media center does crash when you select the Atmos track but not when the DTS-HD MA track is selected?

Will check and report back soon mate.

Confirmed. It didn’t crash when DTS-HD MA was selected. So looks like its specific to Atmos/True-HD.

Also the player is definitely not stable. Yesterday while watching, it just froze when I accidentally pressed the home button. HDD was spinning. Had to power off the player. If you are watching without pressing any buttons the playback is fine. Once you click some buttons on the remote fast it just crashes the player.

Also asking for logs when its a known issue seems a bit too much.

I can make a video and upload it here if required.

To be honest, the effort it takes to make a video and upload it is bigger than uploading logs.

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Maybe but I am very busy with my work. So I am unable to do anything but this is issue is very easy to reproduce.

Play an Atmos only UHD MKV rip. During playback, hit up arrow on the remote multiple times with one or two second gap between each press. Look for sad face.

Yes, I know because I’m experiencing the same problem.
But as you can read in the thread I created about this issue, Sam is not able to reproduce this, so it seems like it is hard to find the reason for this problem, otherwise I think Sam would have fixed this already.

Ok. I will try my best to submit the required information by end of the week.