Vero 4k+ Controls and Reinstall

hi, been having an issue with the 4kp where the remote control doesn’t appear to work anymore. Not only that though; the android app Yatse can no longer act as a navigation control either. So the Yatse app can still direct the 4kp to open the movies or TV show lists, and I can play a video from the app on the 4kp. It is just the navigation that doesn’t work.

So, I thought I’d just re-install, only that doesn’t appear to do anything for me either. Following instruction from here: Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC. I get as far as putting the USB stick into the 4kp - when I start it up again, it just loads as normal.

Any ideas on either issue?

Thanks in advance!

ok, seems the reinstall had a problem with USB, using an SD card instead did the trick.
Trying to reinstall OSMC on a VERO 4K - Help and Support - OSMC Forums

After install, not only does the remote work, but CEC on the LG OLED works properly at long lost! woohoo!

Glad to hear this is now working as expected.

Unfortunately without logs it’s hard to speculate what went wrong. If anything goes wrong again, let us know.