Vero 4k crash after stop

Recently, whenever I stop a movie I just saw, the screen will black out, and the Vero gets totally unresponsive, also to SSH. The only option is to power cycle.
Where can I start to track this problem down?

First thing would be to upload some logs before playback so we can check some settings.


Roger that:

Okay – are you playing files from a NAS?
Can you try playback from local storage, such as a USB stick?

Yes, files are being played from an fstab mounted NAS via NFS.
Since I have the Vero, I have never played a video from local storage. I will do so tomorrow, edit: today, and let you know. (it’s 0:10am here, and I have an early appointment.)

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Keep me posted.


Ah, couldn’t stand not testing that now.
SCP’d a file from the NAS to ~/Movies. Added to library. Played it. Skipped back and forth. Stopped.
Worked like a charm! (

What would I have to do to not crash Vero when using a NAS?

How is the NAS configured?


It’s NFS.

Looks like you are using fstab mounts, which is great.
I would suggest trying autofs. You might have an occasional network dropout that is causing this; or does it happen constantly / easily reproducible?

If there were occasional network dropouts, wouldn’t I see stutter while watching a movie?
The “blackout after stop” happens constantly and is easily reproducible.

When you stop it normally closes the network/file handle so it could be related to a NAS issue.
As you already use hstab the switch to autofs is easy as you can use the same directories means no change to your library

Until now, installing and configuring autofs seems to have resolved the issue. I used this guide to configure autofs: Mounting network shares with autofs (alternative to fstab).

I tested with two remote movies, and each time after pressing the stop button the Kodi screen came back after a short black screen. (

So far, thank you very much, Sam and Fzinken

You’re welcome Jan. There may be some slight disruption on your network though. It is worth investigating when you have the time.


If there were disruptions, shouldn’t I see them while watching a movie? How long would Kodi buffer a video stream?

How long will it will buffer will be variable depending on the source file.

Your best bet to narrow down the network issue is using iperf3.

There is mediocre news. I have just stopped a movie, and the Vero crashed.

Are you able to get a log after the crash?
Any connected peripherals?


Of course I turned debug logging off earlier today. Facepalm.
There is one difference to the two working attempts yesterday, though. I reverted back to the Nebula skin.
I will try again a couple times with debug logging on, and Nebula vs. OSMC skin.
And: no peripherals except the BT and WIFI adapters.