Vero 4K+ Crash & other questions (newbie)

Hello everyone!
I have just received my Vero 4K+. I have several question for you:

  • I have tried to play some 1080p and 4k movies (both mkv and BDMV files), from my USB 2TB hard drive, and the Vero crashed (Log URL:
  • What are the best settings for a 4k TV? (What to put for % upscale, Accelerate MPEG2 etc?)
  • Do I have to use the USB Dongle for the remote or the IR receiver alone can do just fine?
    Thank you!


I have replied to your ticket: #437517 with some answers. For 4K, you just need to enable Adjust Refresh Rate. You do need the USB dongle if you are using the supplied remote.

Can you please enable debug logs in Kodi and re-upload so we can see the issue?


Thank for your reply Sam, here’s the new log with debug enabled:

Your log doesn’t show a crash when you play La La Land.
Did it look like the device had crashed?

Yes… black screen and I need to plug/unplug the Vero
Also with the last crash, all my screen setting (resolution, border etc) has been reseted.

If you press Stop button; does the screen come back?

No, my AV Receiver says “No Signal” as if the Vero was off

I didn’t realise you were using a receiver.
Can you try direct to the TV temporarily and see if this improves after doing so?


Ok so I’ve tried without putting my Vero resolution back to 4K, and I can now launch the movie but if I press the Stop button, looks like my Vero is crashing (or at least I’m losing the signal) and when I turn it back on, I loose my screen border settings.
Same thing happens if I plug it straight to the TV

What’s the make and model of the TV? Is it an LG C8?
We’ve fixed a couple of bugs (fixes will be made available shortly – a day or two)


Exactly, LG C8

The good news is that we’re aware (and should have this resolved).
Keep your eyes peeled for a new post shortly and you will be able to enter a hotfix to try the improvements.


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See [TESTING] Vero 4K / 4K + video improvements.
Hotfix will come shortly after some testing.


I will try to test this next week! Thanks