Vero 4K Crashed after installation

Got my new Vero 4K, set it up, pointed it to my media.
Then i copied my own advancedsettings.xml (database etc), plugged it in, worked, with my media and my database.

Moved it to other room, it asked for upgrade to 19.x, i agreed, wait a while until it rebooted.

it would go do a database update. (but i already had an updated database running), so it kept on for hours and hours.
i plugged it out, plugged it in, after the osmc splashscreen only black screen.

So how can i go back to the default 18.x install?

[alrready found how to reinstall]

So can we close this Thread?

Yes, if upgrade of DB fails again when i retry i will create a specific thread for that.
I think i just delete the Kodi DB’s on my server, and start over :slight_smile:

Every version has a new DB created for Music and Movies. All you have to do is delete the highest DB version number and make the upgrade again.