Vero 4k crashed. Won't start

Hi. I got the Vero last weekend and I set it up. On Monday morning it had crashed and woouldn’t start up. So I follwed instructions to reinstall. Although, it took a few tries (I had to use the toothpick method) to get it to recognize the new install.

Again this morning it crashed and won’t start. I can’t get to the logs, that I know. Could this be a hardware issue and how can I check?

Can you provide more detail as to what exactly it is doing?

Red light comes on for about a second. The boot screen flashes and goes to black.

Do you know the IP? Can you still connect by SSH?

Have you tried reinstalling OSMC? Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC

It’s hard to speculate what the issue is – but I suspect it may be a change to your software environment and as such can be easily fixed.


Just realised you did a reinstall. Are you sure the device re-installed? Did you see the reinstallation come up?

Yes I reinstalled. Tested watching a video.

The next day when I tried to access settings it crashed and now won’t boot up.

What’s the order number?
Is the device connected directly to the wall?
Are there any peripherals attached to the device?

Order # 23354

Not sure what you mean by “connected directly to the wall”. Power is connected to a UPS, ethernet is connected to router. I’m not using wifi.

I did have an external drive attached. I thought that might be the problem so I disconnected it when I reimaged. It’s currently not connected.

Also I checked the external drive on my laptop and it works fine.

I recommend powering the device directly from the mains


Did that. Still won’t boot.

What is the return process? At this point I’m pretty disappointed and would rather not continue to fiddle with it.

Sure – you can contact for this.

We can swap the unit over or offer you a refund. The device would’ve been tested before shipping. My guess is that the issue is caused by the power supply. If you’ve a USB cable you can try powering the device from that as a test, or try another 5V 2A power supply.