Vero 4k+ crashes at boot

Started randomly hanging, couldn’t figure out what was up with it. So I decided to reinstall. See a boot screen, the logo, then either the language selection on the install screen hangs or TV immediately goes into No Signal.

So unfortunately, there’s nothing to connect to to get debug logs from.



is it a Vero 4k or Vero 4k+?

From the symptoms this could be a faulty power supply.

Do you have a USB A cable with male connectors (plugs) on both ends? Just for tests you could try to power the Vero4 with such cable from a PC, of course no other devices except the USB RF remote receiver inserted. But give power to the device only from one source: Either the USB cable or the original power supply; don’t try both the same time.
If this works, you know it is the power supply.

4k+ Not even using the remote dongle as it’s controlled through HDMI CEC

Just to follow up, finally got around to pulling out all the cable and rewiring with a new power adapter, seems to have solved the issue.