Vero 4K+ crashes if external HDD is attached

I have a Vero 4K+. I have always used this device together with WD My Passport Essential 2GB 2.5" HDD (type number WDBY8L0020BBK), which is USB powered.
This works very well, until this week; my Vero would freeze directly after it reaches the first Kodi screen. However, if I do not attach my HDD, the Vero works fine.

How can I investigate what the problem is? I already checked the HDD with my laptop for errors.

Are you using a powered USB hub (such as 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC)?

The Vero 4K + is not designed to power external drives.

No, I don’t use one. But the thing is that it used to work without problem for months (years?), and that now suddenly it stopped. So I was wondering if there could be another cause.

We don’t recommend powering any external drives via USB at all. I’m surprised that this worked.

Is there any way to debug if this is indeed the culprit? I happily buy a USB powered hub if necessary, but I suspect there could be other causes, isn’t it? Does osmc log somewhere if there is an USB peripheral is asking too much power?

Your system won’t be stable unless you power the drive externally.

There’s no direct way of confirming – aside from unplugging the drive and seeing if the system no longer freezes.

Another thread about powering USB stuff from Vero, linking so i don’t have to rewrite it all.

Since the os is buildt with the premise that usb2 ports don’t provide enough power, as standard, to most hard drives. Why should there be software tools or even extra components to step in and write a to a log, when the system suffered a power outage. There is no real certain way to predict what suffered from that lose in mAh.