Vero 4K crashes. Needs hard power cycle to restart


My Vero4K randomly powers off, then needs a hard power cycle to restart. Then it randomly powers off. Current config has been humming along for 3+ years. This issue has been present for 2 months or so. Happens once a day (ish).

I’ve captured logs - sorry, these might be quite large logs bc i started capture last night, left it alone then this morning Vero has powered off, so log collector might have been running for ages before crash.

Cheers, Geoff.

That link to your logs isn’t any good even if I replace the forward slash with the period that should be there. If I was to take a blind guess from your description I would say to try a different power socket on the wall and if that doesn’t make a difference I would try a new power adapter.

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iffy ps unit. Thx.

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