Vero 4K crashes on a certain movie

Not sure where the error lies - in OSMC/KODI or Vero 4K, but I recently added a movie - Midway (1976) - and when I try to select it to play, I get a sad face and a reboot. It plays fine using VLC on the PC.

What is the best way to submit this bug to be fixed?



Good start is here:

Provide the information listed in the wiki and someone will be able to help you.

Ok - the logs are located here:

This is repeatable - every time I select the movie to play it fails!

This is a Vero 4K with a 4TB USB drive attached where all the movies reside.

Hope this is the required info.


Please also post the mediainfo of the file that crashes Kodi.

Did you grab the logs right after you played the file that crashes? Can’t find anything in the logs indicating you played it.

Let’s try this log:

Where do I find the “mediainfo” of the file that causes the crash? The movie is in a director and the only contents are title00.mkv

Thanks for the help.

Instructions are in the link that was provided above that explains how to obtain logs.

Sorry - all new to me.
Here is the mediainfo file. I generated this on my pc from the file that I originally saved the movie to. I then copied the movie to the Vero 4K using WinSCP.


Frame rate                               : 23.976 (23976/1000) FPS
Original frame rate                      : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS

That’s weird. Can I have a 1-2 minute sample of this that reproduces the problem?

For now, as your video is MPEG2, and Vero 4K can play this back in software trivially, you can set HD and up for MPEG2 content in Settings -> Playback. This should let you watch the film for now. It will then be played by ffmpeg, which is likely being used for MPEG2 content by VLC on your PC as well.


Thanks, Sam & Nick. Any hints how I can trim off a couple minutes of this video to send as a sample? Also, once I have a trimmed file, how do I get to you?

I went to settings->player->videos-processing and changed Accelerate MPEG2 from always on to HD and up. But it still crashes. Did I set the correct parameter?

Sorry for the novice questions.


Depends on your skills and knowledge. I usually use ffmpeg

# ffmpeg -i yourfile -c copy -to 0:05:00 out.mp4/mkv

should give you 5 minutes from the start of the movie. You could upload to dropbox or another cloud storage and share a link with @sam_nazarko . He’s done this for me before with a file I was having problems with.

No problem at all.

Should be, yes.
I checked your MediaInfo and the file is reported as < 720p, so HD and up should be sufficient. However you could try to temporarily disable it (Off) to see if that has any benefit.

Failing that, it does definitely sound like something is dodgy with the file.

Your file is an MKV. I suspect that the problem may not actually lie with the contents of the video file itself, but rather the container. It may simply need a remux.

The problem is that producing a short sample would produce a new sample, and possibly mask the issue. However – if you are able to produce the two minute clip and replicate the problem yourself, then this would be great.

See Creating video samples tutorial - MKVToolnix | Binaries4all Usenet Tutorials.