Vero 4k crashes on google drive rclone

My vero plays perfectly through rclone my google drive videos before i added to my library.
Now it starts to play until consumes all the memory and then crashes.
Here are my logs:
I connect through ssh and see the top command.
When i stop the video playback kodi.bin continues eating memory until crash

Do you have port 22 forwarded? It looks to me like you do. If so, you did change the default OSMC password, right?

It is not recommended that you forward port 22; change it to a higher number.

The Vero has a liberal cache set by default. A standard setup leaves quite a bit of unused RAM so this is not normally an issue. With your particular setup you may want to set lower cache values in your advancedsettings.xml to override the default.

As already noted, your device is being attacked from China via SSH. The little rasacals seem to have a way of causing sshd to crash, which is a bit worrying.

As for the out-of-memory problem, it is possibly related to Kodi trying to scan the Google Drive system. I came across this on the rclone FAQ page:

Rclone is using too much memory or appears to have a memory leak

Rclone is written in Go which uses a garbage collector. The default settings for the garbage collector mean that it runs when the heap size has doubled.

However it is possible to tune the garbage collector to use less memory by setting GOGC to a lower value, say export GOGC=20 . This will make the garbage collector work harder, reducing memory size at the expense of CPU usage.

The most common cause of rclone using lots of memory is a single directory with thousands or millions of files in. Rclone has to load this entirely into memory as rclone objects. Each Rclone object takes 0.5k-1k of memory.

Thanks for the fast reply.
I don’t change the ssh port, i don’t know if i am being attacked.
The rclone process isn’t using all the ram.
i set up kodi scanning manual, so it’s not scannig new content.
I tried deleting the skin helper addons and it seems the memory leak from kodi.bin it’s gone

You need to change the forwarded SSH port, or stop forwarding it. You are being attacked and that can also add to memory usage. It’s also possible if you didn’t change the osmc password (or even if you did) that your system has been compromised. If you continue to have OOM problems, I’d suggest a re-install and do not forward SSH unless you change the port and password to something very secure (or better use password-less authentication)