Vero 4K Crashes playing UHD MKV rip of Maze Runner Death Cure

One more thing: I started watching the movie (jumping through the buggy first 7 seconds) and sadly I had to realize that banding is still there :frowning:

The banding will be fixed if you’ve followed the instructions in the other thread.
It’s been confirmed fixed by several users.

I thought installing the new update solves it automatically.

You can either change rc.local or enable HDR autoswitching, the later may not always work, but there are improvements we are working on. If you use the former / hotfix approach, it will work every time.

This has been discussed in significant detail in the HDR thread. Please read it in detail.

I tried to enable the hdr auto switch but I get a strange result, audio is on I hear it, but no picture at all, tv even says : no signal. Could you please point me to step by step description of the fix (I’m not that technical) thx in advance

See [TESTING] 4K HDR playback with banding & flickering fixes - #226 by sam_nazarko

i apply this hotfix and now i complete lose picture on the vero 4k no signal to my tv sony 940e, and i also have the same problem with the maze movie, audio skip and vero crash with blue screen sad face on it

what can i do to get the picture back reinstall osmc is my only choice?


Have you disabled “HDR autoswitch”?

Well first step could be trying another HDMI cable.
If that doesn’t help and you have HDR autoswitch disabled than you could comment out the rc.local command via sudo nano /etc/rc.local

hdmi cable is no the problem i try 2 different cable, plus i was just finish watching a movie before i apply the hotfix, i paste that command over SSH and nothing happen


and yes i did have Auto HDR Off

What do you mean with nothing happen? An editor should open with the content of the file!

i conect to osmc ssh from winscp and execute the sudo nano /etc/rc.local command and got this error

sorry i dont know much about linux

AFAIK winscp is for filetransfer and not a proper SSH client.
You could use putty

thanks i try wiht putty and after send the command i got to this screen, sorry but what should i do next just exit?

Put a ‘#’ infront of the echo line, safe/exit and reboot

is fix got my picture back, i want you to know i really appreciate that you take your time to help me out, thanks a lot man

btw this is the crash i got playing Maze Runner Death Cure

This suggests to me your display does not support 10-bit output.

far as i know my tv support 10-bit Sony 75 XBR-X940E

I have got to the point where I have put # in front of the echo line (with no space between the # and echo) but I do not understand how I save and exit. At the bottom of the elevated command prompt I am using, is ^X Exit. What actual button/combination of buttons do I press to execute that?

As you can see, my knowledge of how to do these sorts of things is very limted. Explain it as you would to a person who has never used a command prompt before.

Ctrl - x

I type that in?