Vero 4k crashes, red light


Yes, Settings->System->Input->Peripherals choose the CEC adapter


I’ve performed the changes but, do i need to reboot?

I can still control Kodi with my TV remote…


Yes, reboot. For this test, CEC is expected not to work.


OK, done.

Now, it’s a waiting game…



Just a reminder :wink:


No red light crashes in the past 21 days. I will re-activate CEC and check whether or not this happens again.



Suggested action plan once the “red light”-issue reoccurs:

  1. If the red light is on, take out the original OSMC RF remote control (with a good battery) and press any key.
    In case the Vero switches to blue light, we know it was set to standby mode, only. In this case you should even see the GUI on the TV if you power it on.

  2. In case the Vero was set to standby mode, only, we have to check again the CEC config on your system especially the “When the TV is switched off” setting.

  3. In case the Vero was set to standby and the CEC config looks good, we should start component specific logging regarding libcec.

Other ideas are welcome.



After a few months of having absolutely no crashes, I decided to re-enable CEC.

On the second day, I noticed the Vero 4K device again with red light and no image shown.
I was unable to connect via ssh. Also, pressing the buttons on the working remote didn’t work.

I’ll need to reboot… anything else worth checking before force rebooting?


Rebooted, was going to share the logs but no link was provided:

osmc@osmc:~$ grab-logs -A
Logs successfully uploaded.
Logs available at<html>

EDIT: Did it manually:

Seems to have crashed around 7:28am… @JimKnopf


If you haven’t rebooted the device since then try

sudo tail -n 1000 /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.old.log|paste-log

to catch the last lines from previous kodi.log … but I fear I’m running out if ideas.


just to be sure provide a screenshot of the cec config at menu


others are welcome to help


I don’t think it’s a crash.
I think CEC is shutting down the device (which would also show a red light)



@JimKnopf here’s the output from the previous log:


It’s not a debug log so doesn’t show as much detailed information.


I’ve turned off CEC now but faced another crash today. I’ll reboot and share the log…
Please find below: