Vero 4K crashes

My vero crashes constantly, I’ve rebuilt a couple of times, changed skin, nothing seems to work.

Here’s the log…

Looks like Kodi is running out of RAM:

Jul 16 12:59:55 osmc kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 2633 (kodi.bin) score 602 or sacrifice child

This could be caused by a resource hungry add-on.

Can’t see anything I’ve installed running, just osmc and updates. What else eats ram?

It’s particularly bad when browsing movies, I can scroll through about 6-10 titles then bang it’s crashed

Can you reproduce that wth the OSMC skin?

Here you go, thanks for the efforts.


Kodi still runs out of memory and dies.

Crash seems to occur with: 2022-07-18 08:26:20.725 T:2722 DEBUG : Caching image ‘’ to ‘6/615035a1.jpg’:

OK, so what does that mean, should I be deleting the fanart?

I’d try that, yes.